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Then and Now
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Many people have asked, "what will my kitten look like as an adult."  It's a great question, because your adult cat will look far different than the kitten that arrived when it was 3 months old.  Many, many thanks to all of the people who generously shared their photos of their Kawekiukatz furbaby over the years. 

Mana w tail.JPG

Mana is a blue lynx boy living in Colorado with his favorite person Ethan. Note the changes in the length of his coat, particularly his tail, and the depth of color he has gained including the deep striping of the lynx pattern, most notably on his face.

Mana now.JPG
Mana closeup.JPG

This is Parker.  Parker is a seal point boy.  Note, in particular the increase in his seal coloring over his face as he grows older.   Parker is a highly unusual Ragdoll for us.  He lives with his mom Anne, and his human brother Ethan (not the same as the Ethan above) on Hawaii Island and is one of two of the most mischievous Ragdolls we've ever had.  He opens cabinet doors, he climbs into the refrigerator and lies down on a shelf, jumps, in one leap, to the top of the refrigerator. and recently figured out he could get to the top of the kitchen cabinets. 

Parker then.JPG
Parker now.JPG

This beautiful boy is Keahi.  He lives with his moms, Kandy and Mariko, on O'ahu.  Keahi is a chocolate point boy.   Notice that his body has stayed white, while, seal point cats' bodies will darken much more over time.  Also, the spread of the "point" on his face is much less than that of a sealpoint.

Keahi then.JPG
Keahi now 3.JPG
Keahi now1.JPG

Meet Frankie.  He lives with his sister Cassie and his humans the Martinez'.  Frankie is also a blue lynx.  Notice the differences between Mana and Frankie, yet both are the same color and pattern.

Frankie then Martinez.JPG
Frankie now Martinez.JPG

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Anne Howe.JPG

Baby Dude & Kiwi Klasovsky

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