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Meet our handsome four-legged patriarchs. They are all health tested, well loved, and like all of our cats, are HCM clear.


Silvester is a large, beautiful lilac bicolor with a sweet, friendly disposition.


Herbie (the Lovebug) - retired

Herbie, aka Aurorapetz Tonto, is a sealpoint love bug.  He is happiest when he has a girlfriend to keep him company (who wouldn't be?).


Aurorapetz Andy Kaufman - retired

Andy is our very first mink Ragdoll!  We waited years for this magnificent mitted sealpoint and he hasn't disappointed us.  He produces gorgeous mink kittens, is very confident and gentle.


Kawekiukatz Kimo Ke Kane

Kimo is a blue bi color and has sired a number of striking bicolor kittens.  He is a sweet, attention loving boy born here from New Zealand parents.


Aurorapetz Gavin

Gavin is a high white seal bi color mink with very unusual markings.  He is our newest stud and has the most amazing dog like personality.


Kawekiukatz Bubba Louie

Bubba is our newest stud. He is a rare seal point mink lynx!  He is only 6 months old in this photo and weighed in at 9 pounds.  He won't be able to go to work until he's a year old but we are excited about the kittens he could sire.  He is super friendly and very, very soft.

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