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Client Comments

"Overall great experience adopting our kitten from Gay and Lucky. Penny is amazing and has been a fantastic addition to our family." August 31, 2016 - N. Hirasona


"I got Ragdoll baby Cleo from Gay about a month ago and she is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. She cries for attention and is quick to roll to her back for belly rubs. When I come home she makes a cute “ruuuu” sound and comes running over. She plays a cat version of fetch (takes the toy, runs away with it, smacks it around a lil, and then brings it back 20 second later). And if you put your face too close she will give you cat kisses. She is such a sweetie. Gay and Lucky breed such wonderful cats. You will feel so glad when you get your baby Ragdoll from them. Thank you so much Guys!" - May 14, 2018 - A. Ito


"Amazing people who raise truly exquisite kittens!! Above and beyond our expectations! Our little boy adjusted to our home within days upon arrival. He is extremely gorgeous, cuddly and playful. Everything we were hoping for. He’s such a joyful addition to our family. We are looking forward to watching his coloring enhance as he grows. Ragdolls are definitely a top of the line type of pet. If you are considering becoming a cat parent, look no further than Kawekiukatz. Thank you again"- Sept 20, 2018 -K.Ventura 


"We got Mana two and half years ago for our son who struggles with anxiety. I was just visiting and witnessed the power of this cat first hand. Normally Mana is watchful but never demanding attention. One day our son was struggling and Mana was either laying at his feet, by his head when he laid down, or in his lap when he was working on the computer. They next day the anxiety was back in check and Mana was once again being aloof, vigilant in his observation, but from a distance. I was also able to observe Mana's ritual of greeting our son at the door. The SECOND he heard his footsteps and keys jingle, Mana ran to the door to greet him. They have the sweetest relationship and Mana has had a tremendous affect in our son's life." - February 7, 2020 - MS Joyce

" No words can possibly express how much we love our two ragdolls we got from you- they are so cherished and loved ♥️ thank you so much!.... WARNING - ragdolls are addicting, once you have one- you will want another.... and another..." February  5, 2020 - LM Klasovsky

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