Our Females

All our Ragdolls are stunning in their own ways, and our gorgeous girls are no exception.

From lynx to minks we have a variety of girls that will provide you with your beautiful, healthy new kitten.

Kawekiukatz Kekahi

Kekahi is a super soft, beautiful seal lynx girl.  She has a glorious plume like tail.


Kanani is a super striking blue mitted  mink girl with a blaze.  She has produced two girls that look just like her in the past.

Karmela is our seal point mink girl.  She's young girl, about 18 months old and about to have her first litter of kittens.

Kawekiukatz Karmela


Ipo is the youngest of our queens.  She is a seal point mitted girl.  She has taken after her grandmother, Gypsy and is of small frame but with long, super soft fur.  We intend to breed her for the first time this spring.

Kawekiukatz Iponani "Ipo"


Kawekiukatz Kanani

Kanani 2.jpg

Kawekiukatz Kekolu

Kekolu is Kekahi's full sister.  Kekolu is a blue lynx girl.  She's a wonderful mother and has produced some very stunning kittens.

Kawekiukatz Kamea

While we love all of our cats, Kamea holds a special place in our hearts.  She was abandoned by her mother and was raised from just hours old in an incubator.  We were told she wouldn't make a good mother, but she has defied all the odds and has now had two litters.  While those litters have been small, she has had very large kittens each time.

Kawekiukatz Le'a

Le'a is solid blue point girl and is the daughter of our sweet Gypsy.