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Wailana (Wai) & Leinani (Lei)

Meet our two newest queens, sisters Wai and Lei born at the end of 2020. Wai is a blue sepia and Lei is a seal high white mitted sepia.   They are the daughters of Gavin and Kanani.  Both have beautiful deep, soft coats.

Kawekiukatz Kekolu

Kekolu is a blue lynx, total sweetheart.  She's a wonderful mother and has produced some very stunning kittens.


Iponani (Ipo)

Ipo is a mitted sealpoint and a total sweetheart.  She has proven to be an awesome mother and is always delighted to share her babies with us.

Wai & Lei.jpg

Kawekiukatz Kamea

While we love all of our cats, Kamea holds a special place in our hearts.  She was abandoned by her mother and was raised from just hours old in an incubator.  We were told she wouldn't make a good mother, but she has defied all the odds and has now had two litters.  While those litters have been small, she has had very large kittens each time.  She is lilac in color.



Kamela is a sealpoint mink.  She has produced several very lovely litters.


Kanani is a very striking blue mitted mink  with star.   Sometimes we are lucky enough to get kittens from her that have their mother's markings.



Bluepoint Bicolor

Kanani 2.jpg


Hokuloa (Hoku)

Hoku is a pretty blue point mitted with a striking star on her forehead and a smaller one on her nose.  She has an interesting nack of climbing over doors and into spaces none of the other cats dare venture.

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