Closed Cattery

For the safety of our cats we run a closed cattery meaning we do not allow visitors or bring other cats to our property.  We also do not provide a stud service. 


When can my kitten go home?

Your kitten can be rehomed around 12  weeks of age after they have visited our veterinarian, had at least their first vaccination, been wormed and been either spayed or neutered.  Our kittens will only go to approved homes.  We reserve the right to refuse to let a kitten go somewhere that we believe will not be in the best interests of the kitten.  When your kitten is ready to go home, it will be  litter trained and be eating high quality kitten food, typically Royal Canin, Science Diet or the equivalent.

What kind of Medical Procedures will my kitten have while with you?

Your kitten will be wormed at least twice.  He/she will be neutered and have a thorough vet check.  Our vet will give your kitten the following shots:

     FVRCP + Chlamydia
     Feline Leukemia 

Your relationship with your vet is a partnership over the life of your new baby so it is important that you have a comfortable and working association.  We love our vets and we hope you love yours also.   If your veterinarian has any questions regarding medical procedures that your kitten, or its parents, here is our Veterinarians' contact information. 

We do not give your kitten injections for disorders that he/she can contract outside of the home, since you kitten is indoors only.  You, of course, are free to do so on your veterinarian's recommendation.



What is the Difference between a Pointed and a Self-Colored Ragdoll? 
"The pointed kittens are born with white fur and begin to develop their colour points from 4 days old, finally completing their adult colour by around 3 years of age, whereas the self coloured kittens, or solids, are born  with full body colour. The pointeds retain their blue eyes, whereas the self coloureds' eye colour begins to change at around 7 weeks of age and continues to develop to shades of green, blue-green, copper or gold as they mature. 

 In a self coloured Ragdoll the body and the points (nose and ears, legs and tail) are the same colour, in contrast to pointed Ragdolls, which have points which are darker than the body colour. Self coloured Ragdolls are available in all of the same colours and patterns as the pointed Ragdolls except that black replaces seal.

 Self Coloured Ragdolls, Solids, Selfs or Non-pointeds as we know them today, are now more widely accepted and many breeders recognise their valuable genetic contribution to the breed.  A self coloured parent with a pointed parent will produce a mixed litter of pointed and self coloured kittens because the self coloureds all carry the pointing gene, whereas two pointed parents will only produce pointeds. A self coloured cat is never bred to another self coloured cat because the pointing gene may then be lost from that gene pool."

                                                                - used with permission from Aurorapetz, New Zealand.


 What will my kitten look like when grown up?  

 Please remember that your Ragdoll will take 3 - 4 years to reach maturity, so your kitten will grow and change over the years.  The changes are often very dramatic.  All of the cats below are from the Aurorapetz New Zealand Cattery and used with their permission on this website.   


Seal BiColor                                               Seal Point


Chocolate Bi-Color 
                                    Chocolate Point 


Blue Bi-Color                                      Blue Point