Aurorapetz Askerne (Hoku) is a beautiful seal bi-color and has produced several litters of equally beautiful and fun loving kittens.







 Kawekiukatz Coco (from Aurorapetz Gypsy and Aurorapetz Jackson) is our very energetic and confident little queen.  She is currently in with Aurorapetz Stonecraft.      

Kawekiukatz Kalua is the daughter of Aurorapetz Janca and Aurorapetz Armani.  She is a very fluffy and silky sealpoint lynx with serious spunk.


























Kawekiukatz Kekahi is the litter mate of Kawekiukatz Kalua and the two look almost identical.  























Kawekiukatz Kekolu is also a full sister to Kekahi and Kalua.  She is a chocolate lynx.  It will take several more years for her full coloring and striping to come into bloom.